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      Welcome to the official website of Huaibei Huaming industrial frequency conversion equipment Co., Ltd!
      ABOUT US

      Huaibei Huaming industrial frequency conversion equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of medium and high frequency equipment control board and related supporting products and components. We set more than 20 years of valuable experience in the maintenance and production of complete sets of equipment, and cooperate with domestic well-known universities and industry celebrities, so that we continue to launch new products, and can produce corresponding products according to customer requirements.

      In terms of production: strict component brand selection and component selection, advanced testing instruments and professional debugging personnel, four sets of debugging equipment with actual total power of 575kw intermediate frequency power supply, debugging each product, so that our factory product qualification rate reaches 100%, the actual use qualification rate ≥ 98%, so as to realize our promise to let users rest assured.

      In terms of sales: we take quality first, do our best and keep secrets for our customers as our tenet to sell our products timely and accurately.

      In terms of service: our full range of services to let you rest assured of the use of our products, and 24 hours to provide technical advice, free training of technical personnel. Timely recommend new products and product applications to you, lifelong maintenance of our products.

      Equipment configuration: a 175kW intermediate frequency series resonance debugging platform, a 500-2500hz / 100kW (6 pulse) intermediate frequency parallel resonance debugging platform, a 500-2500hz / 200kW (12 pulse) intermediate frequency parallel resonance debugging platform, a 1000-8000hz / 100kW special debugging platform for intermediate frequency quenching, five automatic winding machines, nine high-performance oscilloscopes, and one high-voltage (6000V) testing equipment, Six function test stations, others, etc.